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If you have any eye related problems ranging from Cataracts, Blurred Vision, Glaucoma, etc. . .then, you need to see this Special 100% Vision Formula.

By Using this Formula, you'll start experiencing the long awaited wellness you ever needed right from day 1. . . And guess what? . . . You won't only recover quickly and effectively, but also Say Goodbye to expensive eye drops, lenses, Glasses and surgeries.

Have You Ever Imagined Having...

  • A future without blurriness, cloudiness, or worries about your eyesight?
  • No more straining to make out street names or see the other cars when you’re driving?
  • No more asking for help to read the menu in a dark restaurant.
  • Being able to easily recognize friends and acquaintances, even from down the street.
  • A life without lenses to read your favorite books and journals, and as well all the things you used to do replaced with razor sharp eyes with no squinting nor straining...
  • Most importantly, a life where you’ll leave the house, hop into your car and go about your daily routine confidently......and without the anxiety that comes when you can’t see as well as you once did?

Let me Put All Your Fears to Rest as this Special 100% Vision Formula is the Perfect Solution you Have Always Been Waiting For!

This is not a new kind of surgery, and it doesn’t involve special exercises or corrective devices of any kind.

It’s actually something you can easily incorporate into your normal diet... And it’s the most effective way I know of to help preserve your vision through all the years to come.

Let me help you take away the troubles of wearing thick glasses because of Eye Palaver with this  Special 100% Vision Formula


Organic Health Eye Antioxidants Formula 100% Herbal Suplement is an all natural herbal supplement naturally prepared to clear blurred vision, dim vision, swelling, red eyes and so on.

It contains wild crafted herbs perfectly blended together to soothe all eye conditions.

** 95% of patients experienced positive improvements after 2-3 weeks of regular usage of this Organic Health Eye Antioxidants Formula **

In a nutshell, here is exactly what this Amazing Organic Health Eye Antioxidants Formula 100% supplement will do for you;

Kindly note that Organic Health Eye Antioxidants Vision Formula (100% herbal supplement) is not an OVERNIGHT solution... But, if you take it consistently, you will be amazed at the results it will bring.

  • Organic Health Vision Formula 100% Supplement contains beta-carotene and flavonoids which helps to improve your memory, prevent memory loss and boost the cognition.
  • It cures eye inflammation by cleansing waste materials out of the eyes muscles so that your eyes can become clearer. When the lens in the eyes is cleansed, the light rays can travel through the entire lens and can better focus on the retina without been distorted.
  • It contains vitamins like B, C, E and A and also, selenium which helps your eyes become much more healthy and sharp.
  • It thoroughly washes the eyes and cures all eyes infections.
  • Taking this Eyes Bright 100% herbs twice daily have been proven to treat cataracts.
  • Improve your vision in low-light settings. No more using a cell phone light to read the menu in darkened restaurants!
  • Improve “contrast sensitivity”... This measures how easy it is to see things in low light or blurry settings. It’s really important for driving at night and it means better depth perception, too.
  • Improve “near visual acuity”, which is a fancy way of saying you could have an easier time doing any “close up” work like reading the newspaper, needlework, using your computer, you name it.
  • Promote lifelong clear vision... Meaning no more “fading,” that can slowly rob your vision and clarity.
  • Calms all the eye related nerves in a matter of days…
  • Eliminates repeated blinking of the eyes in just a few days.
  • Stops foreign body sensation (always feeling like there something inside your eyes).
  • Eliminate unexpected and unpleasant watery discharge from the eyes.

A lot of people are talking about this product for one reason  ==> IT WORKS <==

Imagine, few weeks from now, while your colleagues in the office and others are still struggling to read or see a far object without the use of thick glasses. But, NOT YOU.


You have ordered and drank the amazing Eyes Bright 100% herbal supplement so you are CONFIDENT.

After usage of one dose of this 100% Eye Antioxidant Herbal Formula, You can pick any book or journal of your choice and read without the use of your glasses.

You can even drive confidently even if it's at 10PM because, with your Eyes as sharp as that of an Eagle.... helping you see everything CLEARLY on like before.... All because of this 100% Eye Antioxidant Herbal supplement.... It works wonders.

See what other Happy customers are saying…..

Dear Dr,

All i just want to do now is to see you, so i can personally say thank you. This your Magic Eye bright tea saved my life. I have been battling with poor eye sight for over 5 years now until a friend recommended your product to me. Now, i can see as clearly as an eagle and all the nerves issues that caused headache are gone, This is truely a Life Saver. Once again thank you.

Mrs Hauwa Ibrahim - Kubwa, Abuja

I Can't Believe My Glaucoma is Fading Away!

I Just want to say a BIG thank you for saving me from going BLIND after being diagnosed with Glaucoma and I was even thinking of going for operation until I discovered this amazing solution.

I used it for good 30 days and noticed my Glaucoma was GONE!

It was like a miracle!

Thank You once again & keep up

the good work!

John Dominic -- Lagos, Nigeria

This Herbal solution work wonders!

All I just want to say is a very big thank you for allowing God to use you to help people. Before, I was struggling to see clearly but after using your Herbal Supplement, I can now read any text clearly and study without making use of my glasses. Thank you.

Mrs Jennifer Adams -Enugu, Nigeria

Organic Health Eye AntiOxidant Vision Formula 100% Magic Supplement Is Recognized And Approved By FDA, CMP and a certified HALAL Product.

As you read this, this product also has International APPROVAL by FDA, CMP, and HALAL so you can use it without fear.

How To Use This Organic Health Vision Formula

Not to worry, the Organic Health Vision Formula is easy to use. Once you order the product, it will be shipped to you (usually within 3-5 days). It is well sealed and it comes with a manufacturing and expiry date stamped clearly on the pack.

Usage of the product is dependent on ones age and health status...this is where we come in, once you order the Organic Health Vision Formula, Our Health expert will put a call across to you to ask a little health related questions before recommending how to use This formula.

Must be stored in a shady, sealed, dry place. 

This Item Has Limited Stock And Will Sell Out Fast... ( 15 PACKS LEFT)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order!

Once you ORDER the Eye Bright Vision Formula Right now, You are going to get the following Bonuses;

1. A LIVE 10 Minutes phone call with me and you can ask me any burning question in your heart.... Counselling session.. (Value = N = 50,000)

2. Two FREE Eye Health Blueprints where I REVEAL  to you top secret foods and activities you have been neglecting that will DRASTICALLY improve your Eyesight. (Value = N = 30,000)

And that’s not all, You also get;

100% FREE delivery to your Door Step

How Much Does This Product Cost?

Of course, you already know that everything I am giving you is worth more than N90,000. But you are never going to pay anything near that price.

Not N90,000

Not N75,000

Not even N50,000

All you’re going to pay for this Eyes Bright 100% Herbal Vision Formula is just a small investment of ;

=N= 17,000

Originally, a pack of the Eye Bright Miracle supplement costs N35,000 

And it lasts for 30days... But, for Today ONLY, If you ORDER Right Now, you will get it for just

=N= 17,000


We recommend you use the 120 days Treatment to TOTALLY Correct every related eye problem for LIFE

NOTE: This is just a promo price as this price will be returned to its original price of =N= 35,000 per pack in a few days time.

If you don’t Order for this Eye Bright Herbal Supplement now, you may never find this page again and you will waste about 7 years that it took to discover this Secret solution.

You will have to face all the sleepless nights and disappointments.

It is an experience you will hate I assure you... I was just lucky to discover this secret solution. Will you be lucky too?

You don’t have to go through all that pain.

You see, I have made all the mistakes, bought all kinds of herbs and solutions.

So, I know what works and what doesn’t. PERIOD.

Think about it, instead of spending money on things that won’t benefit you like buying a new shoe or clothes that will fade; why don’t you get this solution and make your life much better and sweet?

You will be able to see Clearly without thick glasses and enjoy watching your favorite shows.

How To Place Your Order

(Please fill the form below with your details and our delivery personel will contact you with your package)


PLEASE CALL/WHATSAPP (+234) 09095974525........ FOR MORE DETAILS

Please Note: Before you submit this form, please be ready to receive your item and get your money ready. Submitting the form means you WANT us to SHIP the package.



Remember, You Will Also Get;

  • A LIVE 10 Minutes phone call with me and you can ask me any burning question in your heart... Counselling Session… (Value = N = 50,000)
  • Two FREE Eye Health Blueprints where I REVEAL  to you top secret foods and activities you have been neglecting that will DRASTICALLY improve your Eyesight. (Value = N = 30,000)
  • 100% FREE Delivery to your Door Step Anywhere in Nigeria. (Value =N= 4,000)

All of these comes to total value of (=N= 84,000). But, you get it all FREE if you ORDER for your Eyes Bright 100% Herbal Formula Now.

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Meaning, if this formula does not work for you After 90 days, Call Our Customer Care Line Here ==> 09095974525, then, present your evidence, and we will INSTANTLY REFUND your money back without questions.

You are covered by Our 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee.

Buy the Eye Bright 100% Herbs, take it as directed; if you don’t see any results after using it, give us a call @ 09095974525, and we will REFUND you 100%. No stories.

A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

Awesome to the max!

This is the best purchase I have made this year.

I seem happier...because my blurred vision is gone and guess what? I can now read my Bible without glasses/lenses. I will continue to purchase THIS brand...!!!!!

Mrs Edidiong - Calabar, Abuja

My experience this product has been very positive. I had been dealing with pain and discomfort in and around my eyes anytime I stay on my computer screen for hours for 10 years. Over the 10-year period I had tried remedies to release my suffering but to no avail. Thank you so much for your product, it has worked wonders for me. If I were to rate this supplement, I would give it a 1000-star rating.

Okafor -- Lagos, Nigeria

I'm not one that normally writes reviews... this is the exception. This product eliminated my over 14years of itchy eyes and watery discharge. In a matter of weeks it was gone.

I'm still surprised up till now!

Plan to take this the rest of my life. Awesome!!!

Aisha -Kaduna, Nigeria

Fill Your Details Below To Order Now Before The 15 Packs Are Gone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will using this product terminate blurred and night vision problems?

Yes, by using this Organic Health Vision Formula for about 2-3 months will help to terminate blurred and night vision problems.

Will using this product stop foreign body sensation (always feeling like there somthing inside your eyes)?

Yes, by using this Organic Health Vision Formula for about 3-6 weeks , the issue of foreign body sensation will be a story of the past as it cures that totally.

Will using this product stop optic nerve pains which causes nagging headache?

Yes, by using this Organic Health Vision Formula for about 2-4 weeks will help to stop optic nerve pains.

Will using this product stop wattery discharge from the eyes?

Yes, by using this Organic Health Vision Formula for about 4-6 weeks will help to totally stop wattery discharge from the eyes .

Will using this product stop repeated blinking of the eyes?

Yes, by using this Organic Health Vision Formula for about 3-6 weeks will help to stop repeated blinking of the eyes.

Will using this product eliminate Cloud and Clump shapes in visions?

Yes, by using this Organic Health Vision Formula for about 2-3 months will help to eliminate Cloud and Clump shapes in visions for life.

How long before i start seeing result?

Depending on your problem type, You will will start seeing positive result once you use the Organic Health Vision Formula for about 2-3 months. (After using 2-3 packs)

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