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How I Cut My Electric Bill By 33% With This Simple YET Amazing Device...

Do You Know That Nigerians' Will Start Paying MORE for Electricity Consumption From April 2020 ?

I hope you know what this means...But if you are unaware, then it means that from April 2020;

  • Electricity consumers will now pay more for the same or less power supply to them.
  • You will have to turn off all appliances when not in use...imagine how stressful this can be.
  • You will have to budget for more as this means extra expenses on electricity bills, etc.

The tariff increase is coming at a time when the generally economic climate is experiencing a lull.

Let me shock you...

The average per capita of national electric consumption in Nigeria is around 145 to 170kWh per annum. But every month, DISCOS bill 10 times more than this rate on the average. This means the annual percapita estimated billing put out by DISCOS is about 15,000kWh, i.e. a hundred times more than what is truly supplied. So consumers currently pay for ten years’ worth of power supplied in a year.

Let me Put All Your Fears to Rest as We Have a PERFECT Solution For You!

By Using this Amazing Device, you'll start Saving Cost on your Household and Office Electricity Bills By 33% . . . And guess what? . . .You won't only Save Cost BUT also Save Yourself the Stress Of Turning off All Home and Office Appliances that are Not in Use PLUS You Will Get a FREE Blueprint on How to Reduce Power Consumption Manually in your Office and Home.

Let's see it in action here...

See What Other Happy Customers Are Saying…..

Everything is super!!! 

Respect to the seller. After 6 months of usage, i discovered that my electricity bills dropped by about 28% compared to that of the previous year. The product is  excellent already measuring the device for consumption, a couple of even discoveries for myself made. ..This saved me some extra cash.

Kayode Lagos

Perfectly packed and it came in earlier than i expected... Everything works, according to the description. After using these devices for about 2months now, the results i got impressed me as my billed amount drastically dropped by 25.8%

Thanks to the seller. I highly recommend.

I give this product


Yusuf Ibrahim  - Abuja

Works just as described!

I don't like giving feedback on purchased items, but i couldn't hold back the joy it brought as it reduced my bills, it also helped me to know which appliances consumes power the most.

A big thumbs up to the seller.

Will definately buy again.

Highly recommended!

David R. - Port Harcourt

** 95% of Customers' experienced Huge reduction in electricity bills after 2-3 months of regular usage of this Amazing Device **

Let me help you take away the troubles of HIGH Electricity Bills with this Amazing 2-IN-1 Electricity Saving Device


This Amazing 2-IN-1 Electricity Saving Device helps to stabilize voltage and balance the current, avoid the waste of electricity invalid, Prevent voltage instability, extend the service life of the electrical product, and reduce your power consumption and save between 20% and 35% of electricity. It also comes with another special device (EZ Power Monitor) which Calculates your homes cumulative electrical expenses and forecast by the day, week, month, even an entire year. It also checks the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency, and Power Factor....

Now you’ll know if it is time for a new refrigerator or if that old air conditioner is still saving you money. With the amazing Kill A Watt (EZ Power Monitor) you’ll know 'Watts' killing you.

A lot of people are talking about this product for one reason  

==> IT WORKS <==

How It Works

The electricity saving device saves and reduces energy by stabilizing the voltage which in turn results in reductions in peak power demand and less waste of low efficient power. The low efficient power is consequently stored and recycled by the unit WHILE the Special (EZ Power Monitor) is a monitoring and testing instrument which determines the power consumption of a connected appliance and the cost of the electricity consumed.

In a nutshell, here is exactly what this Amazing 2-IN-1 Electricity Saving Device will do for you;

  • It helps to stabilize voltage and balance the current, avoid the waste of electricity invalid, and Prevent voltage instability.
  • It helps to extend/prolong the service life of your electrical product, and reduce your power consumption and save between 20% and 35% of electricity.
  • It helps to save energy efficiently and it's environment-friendly.
  • The external shell adopts advanced fire-proof and explosion-proof material, and internal leakage protection measures make it safe and reliable.
  • It achieve power-saving effect, and improve the use of electrical appliances power thereby avoiding the waste of electricity invalid.
  • It's Perfect for heavy duty load or monthly consumption within 28KW, and can effectively prevent electrical overheating and prolong the service life of electrical equipment.
  • Can be used in home, shops, restaurants, offices, small factories, etc. Suitable for air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, TVs, pumps, stereos, etc.
  • Simple operation, easy to use, maintenance free
  • LED lights design for indicating operation


A special (EZ Power Monitor) which;

  • Calculates your homes cumulative electrical expenses and forecast by the day, week, month, even an entire year. 
  • It also checks the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency, and Power Factor.
  • It easily identify which appliance in your home is costing you the most money.
  • The Power Monitor also allows you to enter your Utility providers cost of electricity so you can monitor and pinpoint what each appliance is costing you.
  • It is User Friendly and Easy to Install.


Amazing Energy Saving Device

  • 100% Brand new, High quality!
  • New -type Intelligent, Digital And Powerful Electricity Saving Device
    save energy sources efficiently
  • Enviroment-friendly
  • Stabilize the voltage
  • Balance the current source
  • Protect devices
  • Smart, sleek design with LED lights to indicate operation
  • Prolong the life of electrical devices
  • Easy to use-no maintenance
  • Saving electricity means saving money saving money means earing money

Special (EZ Power Monitor) 

  • Large LCD display for easy reading.
  • Measure Voltage, Frequency, Current, Power Factor, Wattage, minimum & maximum Wattage and record cumulative Kilowatt-hour KWh, Time, Date and Electricity Expenses.
  • Seven display modes, transferred by pressing "FUNCTION" button.
  • Overload warning displayed on LCD.
  • Resetting for abnormal display or no-response of button.
  • Built-in 3.6V rechargeable battery (NI-MH) to store electricity and saving setting.
  • Easy electricity price setting.
  • Easy to Monitor Your Electricity Bill: Electricity price setting by pressing OK, VALUE, DISPLAY and SET button
  • Built-in Battery Backup: 2X1.5V rechargeable batteries allows meter to be moved and still visible without losing readings.
  • Measure Various Parameters + Overload Protection Function: Power (W), Energy (kWh), Volts, Amps, Hertz, Power Factor and Maximum Power (W), Time, Days ( Your electricity bills are vitally based on kWh)
  • Large & Clear LCD Display for Easy Reading


Amazing Energy Saving Device

  • Plug Standard: EU
  • Rated voltage: 90V-240V
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
  • Useful Load: 15000W-18000W
  • Dimensions: 7 x 12 x 3.5cm / 2.8 x 4.9 x 1.5” (W x H x D)
  • Color: Silver grey and black

    Packet included:
    1x Electricity Saving Box

Special (EZ Power Monitor) 

  • Operating voltage: 230V 50Hz for EU plug
  • Operating current: Max.16A for EU/ FR/BR plug,
  • Wide voltage range: 230V - 250V for EU / UK / FR / BR / AU plug,  110V - 130V for US plug
  • Timing display range: 0 second----9999 days
  • Wattage display (watts): 0W----3680W
  • Voltage display range: 0V----9999V
  • Current display (amps): 0.0----16.0A
  • Frequency display: 0Hz----9999Hz
  • Minimum wattage display range: 0.0W----3680W
  • Maximum wattage display range: 0.0W----3680W
  • Price display range: 0.00?KWH----99.99?KWH
  • Total kilowatt-hour and cost display: 0.000KWH----9999KWH
  • DIY supplies: electric
  • Product size: 15.5 * 7.3 * 7.5cm / 6.1 * 2.9 * 3inch
  • Package size: 16 * 8 * 8.5cm / 6.3 * 3.1 * 3.3inch
  • Plug: EU plug
  • Color: white

Package will include:

1 pcs Plug-in Power meter DDS108 (Plug type accoring your order)

1 pcs English Instruction manual 

How To Use...

Plug the Special (EZ Power Monitor) into your wall socket, then plugin an extension socket from the Special (EZ Power Monitor) , thereafter plugin the Amazing energy saving device to the extension socket and aswell plugin your appliances in the extension socket and see the MAGIC.

** This Item Has Limited Stock And Will Sell Out Fast...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Every Order! **

Once you ORDER the Amazing Energy Saving Device + Special (EZ Power Monitor) Right now, You are going to get the following Bonuses;

1. Free practical tutorials instructions on how to install and use these devices in your home and offices.

(Value = N = 15,000)

2. A free Blueprint that will REVEAL to you ten proven ways you can use to save poswe in your home and office. (Value = N = 10,000)

And that's not all, you also get;


How Much Does This Product Cost?

Of course you already know that everything am giving you is worth more than N75,000. But you are never going to pay anything near that price.

Not N75,000

Not N50,000

Not even N35,000

All you’re going to pay for this Amazing Energy Saving Device + Special (EZ Power Monitor) is just a small investment of ;

=N= 22,000

Originally, the Amazing Energy Saving Device + Special (EZ Power Monitor) costs N38,000 ... But, for Today ONLY, If you ORDER Right Now, you will get it for just  =N= 22,000

BUY 3 PACKS OF THIS Amazing Energy Saving Device + Special (EZ Power Monitor)

@ =N= 62,000 AND GET 1 PACK FREE

NOTE: This is just a promo price as this price will be returned back to it's original price of =N= 38,000 per pack in a few days time.

If you don’t Order for this Amazing Energy Saving Device + Special (EZ Power Monitor) now, you may never find this page again and you will waste about 7 years that it took to discover this Secret solution.

You will Have to CONTINUE paying that HIGH PRICE  for electricity bills monthly, and that means extra budgeting because of the new price hike.

It is an experience you will hate I assure you...I was just lucky to discover this secret solution. Will you be lucky too?

You don’t have to go through all that pain.

You see, I have made all the mistakes, tested all types of devices and solutions.

So, I know what works and what doesn’t. PERIOD.

Think about it, instead of spending extra money on that increased electricity bill charges; why don’t you get this solution and save for yourself some extra money monthly?....Decide wisely!

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